Hi, I'm Jordan Talahua

Fronted Developer

I'm a detail-oriented programmer and passionate about my profession. With excellent analytical skills, I enjoy tackling complex challenges and finding complex challenges and finding efficient solutions.

About Me

About Jordan Talahua

Fronted Developer!

I am a committed and enthusiastic student with outstanding skills in teamwork, charisma, working under pressure and effective communication. I am honest and a self-taught learner. I like to excel with clean and readable code, and I prioritize work. I am motivated by excellence and seek opportunities to grow both personally and professionally in a dynamic environment.

My Journey


2015 - 2020

Bachelor of Science - San José - La Salle Educational Unit

I have excelled as a bachelor of science, which has provided me with a solid background in different scientific disciplines. In addition, I have acquired skills in information technology, focusing especially on the mastery of office automation tools.

2020 - 2024

Software Engineering - Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE

I am an upcoming Software Engineering graduate, with a solid background in programming and proficiency in several languages. I stand out for working in a team, actively participating in projects and enjoying my career. I possess charisma, analytical skills and effective communication. I learn from my mistakes and focus on learning and improving constantly.

2023 - 2023

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate - Coursera

As a result of my participation in the course, I have acquired a solid background in data science and have skills in data science methodologies, deep learning, machine learning, Python, Big Data, data mining, RStudio and SQL. I am prepared to tackle challenges related to data manipulation and analysis.


2022 - 2022

Software Developer - Fenix Corp, Latacunga-Ecuador

Laravel software backend developer: MakiPOS-JSON Administrator

C# desktop software maintenance - Download Update Fenix

2023 - 2023

Web developer - Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas - ESPE, Latacunga

Frontend developer for GamerFest website: Vuejs, Laravel,MySQL https://espelgamerfest.com/

2023 - 2023

Information and communication technology assistant 3 - Empresa Pública Metropolitana de Hábitat y Vivienda, Quito-Ecuador

Management of systems, networks and information technology, involves data analysis, technical support


Odoo v15.0, JavaScript - Web Sitie

My Skills

Coding Skills

HTML 90%

CSS 80%

JavaScript 60%

Python 65%

Professional Skills

Web Design 90%

Web Development 80%

Graphic Design 50%

Database 75%

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